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Pacific Mobile Structures Receives Honorable Mention from the Modular Building Institute

Posted by Pacific Mobile Structures on May 4, 2017 2:00:00 PM

On March 20th, the Modular Business Institute held their 34th annual World of Modular Convention.  During this, Pacific Mobile Structures received Honorable Mention in the Relocatable Education category for their project, Portland Public Schools – Lincoln High School Smart Academic Green Environment (SAGE) classrooms.

SAGE classrooms are a collaboration between Portland State University School of Architecture, Blazer Industries, and Pacific Mobile Structures.   These classrooms are created and produced to be innovative and top of the line.  High-quality and environmentally safe building materials are used to eliminate toxins in the air. Bio-based flooring and non-VOC paint are used to eliminate pollutants in the classroom.  All of which creating a healthy and safe learning environment for children.  

Portland Public Schools was looking for not only a green and sustainable option, but relocatable as well. The unique steel floor structure was designed to aid in the portability and reduce infrastructure while allowing for several future relocations.  Special precautions had to be taken during construction to ensure adherence to the landscape, including erosion control and safety.  Lincoln High School is the oldest public school in Portland, Oregon and is located on historic land.  “A lot of special considerations went into this project to avoid damaging any of the historic oak trees in the area. Pacific Mobile did an excellent job of carrying out complicated logistics to ensure the preservation of this pristine landscape,” states Patrick Allen, Major Projects Sales Representative.

The MBI’s World of Modular Convention was held in Tucson, AZ and had almost 700 attendees.  There were over 100 entries from companies worldwide for categories ranging from permanent structures to best marketing materials.  The panel of judges consisted of unbiased professionals from all around, with knowledge of the industry or an outside perspective.

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