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Pacific Mobile United Way Campaign

Posted by Pacific Mobile Structures on Dec 17, 2020 1:29:31 PM
Each year the Pacific Mobile team at our Corporate office and Chehalis branch use their Halloween Celebration as an opportunity to kick-off a United Way fundraising campaign. United Way of Lewis County works hard in the community leading an aggressive goal of "30 by 30" – lifting 30% of families out of poverty by 2030. That's an initiative we are excited to support, and we have a great time with our campaign each year!
A big part of the fundraising is done through Fear Factor, in which Pacific Mobile employees purchase tickets to nominate co-workers to be a Fear Factor contestant. On the other side of the coin, employees can also purchase “insurance” tickets ahead of the event to avoid participating in the Fear Factor challenges if nominated.
All proceeds benefitted United Way of Lewis County.
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