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18 Sep

2020 Pacific Mobile Scholarship Recipient

Pacific Mobile is proud to offer students pursuing a career in architecture at Portland State University with scholarships. 

18 Sep

Debbie Williams is Celebrating 25 Years at Pacific Mobile

Over the past 25 years, Pacific Mobile Structures has grown and evolved. Branch Manager Debbie Williams has been there through it all. Starting as a receptionist, Debbie quickly jumped in wherever help was needed. She then worked her way through different company departments, moving from a receptionist into accounting and then on to sales, where she found her passion in sales and leading people.

Debbie isn't just exceptional at what she does. She always has a good disposition with customers and fellow employees. Co-workers enjoy working with Debbie because she's direct, detail-oriented, and very fun.

14 Sep

Three-Time KCDA Vendor of the Year Recipient

We're humbled and honored to be named KCDA Purchasing Vendor of the Year for the third year in a row. 

21 Aug

Pacific Mobile Modular Nurse Administration Building

The COVID-19 Global Pandemic left King County overwhelmed with patients and nowhere to go. Needing a solution fast, they began putting up a temporary camp going up to alleviate overflow. But, when the buildings from another contractor got there, the hospital was extremely disappointed to find that the buildings needed to be completely refurbished onsite. Out of time and desperately needing a reliable solution, they felt like they had nowhere to turn.  


One of our sales representatives, Bud Smith, heard from a subcontracting partner about the situation on the ground and we wanted to help. People’s lives were at stake and there was no time to waste. Bud reached out on a Friday, heard back on Saturday, and by Monday morning, the deal was signed and ready to go.  


Within three days, the 1,792 sq. Ft. brand-new modular building was delivered and installed, ready for use. King County was ecstatic and relieved to have not only a fully-functional, turn-key modular building but one that was brand new and “gorgeous.” 


We feel humbled to have had the opportunity to be a frontline responder for those working tirelessly on the frontlines of COVID-19 and serve King County during the most unprecedented times. 


Check out the King County COVID-19 project video here.

Click here to download the case study.  


05 Jun

Berkeley Homeless Navigation Center

With the City of Berkeley’s homeless population rapidly growing, the City quickly introduced solutions that would promptly connect people to transitional housing opportunities and provide immediate access to social services. The City needed temporary shelter space that would offer local homeless and their families a place to shower, sleep, eat, and do laundry. The solution: a seven-building, 5,776 sq. ft. complex that could serve immediate occupancy needs and could be repurposed and relocated to serve longer-term needs in the future.